Me in my natural habitat.

Moonbeam: A bit of light from the tip top of the sky to the tip top of you. A beacon of the feminine that enters thru your crown, a most auspicious place.

Meditation: A lifestyle choice in decisive action towards aligning oneself with clearest intentions. A sacred Pause. A Soul Contract between you and your Higher Self communicating thru regular practice. A Method to swimming thru the Madness of Modern Lyfe.

Moonbeam Meditation: An act of dedication from the channeled feminine to you, dearly loved, embodied human. Moonbeam Meditation is an ongoing series of recorded meditation practices that are delivered to your inbox weekly as an online offering that you can download. They are attuned to the seasons and goings on of the modern motley. They are simple but profound weekly check ins. Because we need to slow down. Because we need to listen. Because we need the feminine, the Yin, the coolness of anti inflammation to leave this tired idea of getting by and start to thrive in our BUSY waking lives. Wanna join in?

The deets: Meditations are complied in a library on an exclusive membership page you can access from anywhere with wild access to bonus content that will help you integrate the meditations into your daily living. Plus, necessary information, like how to dodge energy vampires, seasonal recipes, rituals, affirmations and musings. Moonbeam Meditation spans many genres and draws from ancient wisdom, modern neuro-psychology and bold lyfe experience. Monthly investment is 22.00 for all this content. 4 meditations a month plus lil extras for the full moon among other bits of magic coming at you soon and, a growing library to soothe you, inspire you, motivate you.

Are you ready bb ?

The realness tho : You are already free. You can have mental calm, emotions that are collected and a spirit that is re energized in the creative feminine with this meditation practice. You can have it because it is already inside you and because I infuse these practices with the magic of my unconditional belief in you. You can repeat them, you can explore them, you can do as many or as few as you like… whenever you want to. Because you know you and, in case you forgot: You are already free.

You got this babe. I mean, You are this.

The practices are offered by Freedom Ciavarello whom you can find out more about here.

Moonbeam Meditations are made for you no matter what level of practitioner or style of life you’re living.

The universe saw you coming, planned for this moment and brought you here, to this potent practice.

You are a beacon. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are the missing piece of the puzzle and the puzzle itself…Join the movement Moonbeam.


I love you.

Sending Magic,