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Meditation Offerings for Y O U

I teach meditation and movement for the Aquarian Age. This new world is ready for you and your magic, you just need to find your practice bb. I offer 1:1 sessions, share Plant medicines, curate ceremony and teach group classes in person and online. I look forward to connecting with you, LOVE

C A C A O & C R E S E N T M O O N

C A C A O & C R E S E N T M O O N

C A C A O:

Earth Medicine


We all have plant allies that serve us in special ways. They know us. We vibe.

Cacao is a plant spirit that heals the heart and wakes the soul from desolation or despair that comes from living without fullness. Cacao herself restores the will and resonates at a frequency that curates change…curious?

My schedule

Find some f l o w with me bb

Classes are formed to inspire and uplift, de-stress and embody, explore and dedicate to f l o w state. Always sankalpa.


All levels and crafted with l o v e

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Morning Rituals

Plant Magic

The morning is a profound time for setting intention. As we leave the astral plane and come into our 3D reality we have opportunity to embrace our state of being as simply alive





Working 1:1 with me is empowering, potent and whimsy. I specialize in the ReFrame, helping you to see your magic in new ways that go with you into your varied days and nights. I will cue your Inner being because, maybe, your mind is messing with you. You are not the average student which is radical because I am not the average teacher. I combine wisdom tradition, plant medicines, meditation and movement to unpack that identity backpack you’re carrying. Uphill. In the snow. With no shoes.

Set it Down


Rise Up

Find your Light with me.

Gather your Queens and Kings

Gather your Queens and Kings

Cacao Ceremony

1:1 and Group Cacao Ceremony is the most potent place to gather. Sharing heart medicine and Plant alliship at the highest vibration! I have a direct line to the most beautiful cacao you will ever have…filled with the love and grace of Mama Gaia herself.

  • Bridal Showers

  • Baby blessings

  • Coming of Age Ceremony

  • Weddings (yas I am ordained)

  • Full and New moon circles

  • Grief release ritual

These are just a few of my cacao goddess offerings.

Fill our my contact form to co create magic with me and the goddess herself.




You are a Queen.

(re)claim your Queendom…


An Personal Altar will Alter your practice

Objects that have our attention act as touchstones for our affections. Get to know your desires intimately. My altar has these symbols on it for Springtime…

Rose Quartz: Choosing Love

Cacao: My Choice to support the Goddess

Grapefruit: Choosing the Creatives’ Wisdom

Gold: Choosing timelessness in acquisition of Health as Wealth