you are a Queen (re)claim your Queendom

you are a Queen
(re)claim your Queendom

(Re)claim your Queendom...

I once was blind but now I see

More than a body

More than recovery 

The impermanence of being in a body and living in a guest house to memories and moments forthcoming. Changing constantly and rallying and receiving. I am reclaiming, destiny. Being woman. Being human. Wombing. 

Wombing tho. 

That is the thing we forget. We have the womb and we are the makers. The creators. The confidants and the risk takers. We are always in process, in something and offering in all ways. 

I went to a gathering. And I was reunited with that other thing, that magic bit of no control and no technology. Remember when we had to share the hearth, carry the water, chop the wood, feed the bellies, sing the songs, share the harvest...because your soul does. The woman in you remembers and its her time to reclaim now. 

She lived thru the burnings, she lived thru the becommings, she lived thru the power outages internal and external. She remembers all the things you have forgotten or pushed out or wiped clean from the supposed slate. She has been ready the whole time, waiting for you to wake from this current state of hoping into a present state of wombing. 

I've been working on how to go about offering: empowering. Because bodies. Because eating. Because forgetting. 

We can forget where we come from but we can't take the memories from the cells of the bodies, from the inside of the collective dream we're sharing and from the waiting for unplugging. Now is the time to reclaim your birthrights...

The wildness of being a woman is your birthright and like the moon, you are always changing. Acting in phases. Getting to know these phases is the way in to getting out of your own way. No escaping. 


You and your Internal compass need re-calibrating.

I'm here for it bbs. 

Join me for a 12 week adventure into the fault lines of all the goddess you forgot. We will initiate into the calling of our wildest hearts and we will traverse together in global awareness of wombness.

What is it tho? 

This is a reclaiming. A transformation. 4 weeks of pace setting. re aligning with your cycle and the season that you’re in. 4 weeks of Digital gathering with weekly video downloads and an 8 week follow up via email for our co creation. Moon Letters and lecture on living with the cycles of the moon as a way of telling time from withing the seasons of being a woman. The seasons of you. Because you are always changing, phasing.

This is a normal thing. You were designed to be different....every single day. 

Weekly emails with prompts and ceremony, ritual and meditations that become yours. Playlists and herbs for the support because...we're going deep in it. We're going deeeeeeeep into what it all means, together. 

You will connect with women who want to run wild. Women who know the value of the individual and the communal. Women who range in motion but never stop moving even when they remain still. Like Athena's Owl perching and the circling of the sun and moon, chasing days and crafting true time....connection is key and the coven is waiting. 

Program cost is 333.00 AND payment plans of 111.00 a month are available.

Program registration is rolling...Get groovy baby.