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B L U E - M O O N in L I B R A Cacao Ceremony

Welcome the light !

Spring is just about here! The time to release into soul shoots and spurts of growth and birth cycles abounds. The vibes are full of positive change and transformation this month culminating in a FULL MOON illuniating all things Libra:

Partnership, Charisma and Balance. 

Cacao Ceremony is encased in ancient wisdom and is an opportunity to download some earth medicine and divine feminine magic for yourself. It is connected to this full moon as a means to release any leftover winter vibration (post equinox) with clarity and commitment.

YOU are in great and profound process, take this evening away from daily life to connect to the wisdom of the subtle body and earth element. 

We will embrace a calling in of the elements, sankalpa dedication and then imbibe the cacao. This will be followed by a healing meditation wherein you will engage with your elemental composition and turn inward to heal the wounds of your winter. The evening will culminate with an opportunity for journal/insight or intriverted extended savasana.

Sending Magic    

Please bring a token for the altar if you desire, a journal and writing insturment of choice. 

Earlier Event: November 5
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