Me in my natural habitat.

Hello and welcome to this place, my name is Freedom Ciavarello. 

I teach Meditation, Movement and Magic. I am a writer. I encourage vitality. I embrace becoming.  I love wildly and enjoy poetry. 

The c a c a o tho...for healing the heart she has captured me wholly. Enraptured. 

Lets go exploring. Lets traverse the most interesting fault lines of your memory and the most lovely, impassioned dreaming of your waking living. You are a human so you are a magic maker, a gate keeper and as the veil grows thinner in these creative times. Bloom. You Open. You were made for this…Becoming.


Y O U are already Free.

Y O U are already Healing.

Take your time and embrace the slow moments, its in the sacred pause that we find our truest selves. We are in this hot mess together.

Step by Step make your way back home to your body, back home to your authentic voice, back home to your highest intention.

Sharing the Path and Sending Magic,