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It me



You are Perfect.

Hello there Moonbeam, it’s Free.

What is working with me 1:1 ?

I am a translator. I listen to your inner being: the innermost “you.” I reflect the wisdom they are offering that your mind misinterprets for its own devices back to you unfiltered so you can become nourished from it.

It sounds simple but we go DEEP. This work together connects you to your highest self, where there is equal patience for your hope and loss.

I specialize in the reframe: cultivating TRUST in the WISDOM of the Inner Being and Intuition that way that you would hold a flower. I will help you gain perspective, clarity and curiosity. We will work together to open up the channel of your intuitive sense and high vibe your magic

I am not your average teacher because you are not the average student. You are curious, compassionate and you are curating a life that you LOVE. I help you see your own courageousness, your readiness for receiving the abundance of the universe waiting for you just on the other side of your fear.

Because, babe, we are most often not afraid of failure…we are afraid of being really great.

We get to co create with the universe around us everyday. We are built from the bones of those that came before us and we will make up the bones of those that come after our work in this life is truly important. This is of upmost relevance when working with our Soul’s growth, our Body’s health + our Mind’s well being. The soul has contracts it inherited and the human mind easily develops resistance:

Let’s traverse together.

Working with me is flexible. Working with me is friendly. Working with me is a practice of letting go and of letting in, both becoming and reclaiming authentic identity.

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