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Moonbeam Meditation is a weekly dose of meaningful, simple, powerful, doable, authentic practice. Because it’s a wild world. Because you have free will. Because you are ready.

  • How does it work?

    You sign up HERE with Freedom Ciavarello whom you can find out more about here

    You have two sweet enrollment options:

    1. Monthly auto payment of 22.00 for an all levels meditation practice that comes to you via email every Mo(o)nday


    2. Monthly auto payment of 44.00 for an all levels meditation practice that comes to you via email every Mo(o)nday with an essential oil blend to support your expansion so that you can be constantly inspired by your meditation practice.

  • What do I need?

    A sense of curiosity and a willingness to try something new (and potentially woo) on for size. 10-30 minutes a week to set aside to practice.

  • Why should I meditate with Freedom?

    “Freedom shares very special guided meditations. Each experience has a clear vision and purpose, and her tone is a complement to the experience. The practice leads me to centeredness and inspiration each time. I highly recommend moonbeam meditations as a part of an effectual self care routine!”

    “Freedom is one of the most intuitive and loving women I know. She’s a magic maker, a creator, a soul connector, a lover and an incredibly patient teacher. Her offerings are infused with her playful and heart centered spirit, while creating sanctuary space for self discovery and healing, no matter who or where you are. Her magic is a game changer, 100%!”

    “Freedom effortlessly weaves an intuitive knowledge of the astrological seasons with the seasons of the physical body; a truly unique perspective that sets her classes apart from all others I’ve taken. Her guided meditations are powerful — simultaneously uplifting and grounding, wholly supportive of a rich inner experience. Freedom is knowledgeable, approachable, and warm, making her an effective teacher who has been a tremendous source of inspiration and support in my own spiritual journey.”


  • Can I cancel? Yes, with a 30 day notice, you most certainly may

  • Do I need anything? Just a place to sit, your technology to transmit the meditation and a sense of curiosity

  • What if I can’t sit still? You can

  • What if I have no experience? Then you have all that you need and are ready to begin

  • Will this solve all the problems of my life? You never know until you try…

  • How much is it again? Monthly investment is 22.00 and you receive 4 meditations to cultivate your intention plus short musing

    Sidebar: Practicing meditation regularly is demonstrating your dedication to the universe, your community and your self. Meditation is timeless, you cannot take too long or not do enough. Start Now. With 10 minutes a day

I love you.

Sending Magic,